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Practical examples of cryptographic applications
The "hot line" between Washington and Moscow for political, technical and cryptologic perspective

For the practitioner, are realistic examples from the existing world of special importance.

Unfortunately, many are subject to confidentiality and implemented solutions are usually known only after many decades in public.
For the people that deal with the protection of information, an everyday phenomenon. Therefore, specific examples are very interesting rarities.

These undoubtedly heard of the "hot line" between Washington and Moscow during the "cold war"

 Located in the "cold war" swap Russians and Americans from cipher. In Moscow, a US-based system in Washington and a Russian system was installed. Between the two capitals now secret information was exchanged.
In Moscow were the "classified Chiffriermittel (key agent)" for the American cipher and in Washington were ciphers, which were otherwise classified as "Chiffriersache". These systems for communications were thus installed against the "rest of the world." This method was an absolute novelty in the relations between Moscow and Washington represents the time during the Cold War

 The ciphers were anscheint those whose algorithms all knew, but only in the safety key is in (z: B One-key method, perforated strips with random characters, category "absolutely safe".

 Here, no information could be revealed!

For both sides, this system was useful. Cryptologic and it was not a violation of any rules of cryptology. For the recipients of this information was only the "partner" and not the "rest of the world." For them, the "rest of the world" this information was secret!

 Only representatives of the two governments were able to read the encrypted information sent. A cryptologic burglary in this process, by States from the "rest of de world" has been announced.

Refer to the publication of the NSA / USA ..

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