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Amazon cloud falls out: down Instagram, Pinterest and Netflix

30th June 2012 13:27
  Instagram was still not reached at 13:20

  Many services back online, Instagram still unattainable
  Netflix was down for several hours that have, in Europe, but not noticed as much, but romped on Twitter and Facebook for hours complaints about the non-attainment of Instagram and Pinterest.
  force Majeure
  Forbes reports that Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud has failed in the state of North Virginia due to severe storms and rainfall. Netflix was the first service its customers via Twitter informed of the failure and promised to eliminate the loss of work. Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services has commented on this and confirmed the loss. Is affected only to this region, which have now connection problems. The electricity supply was interrupted for a short time, but is now restored.
  Netflix and Pinterest are in the early morning went online. Instagram is still suffering the loss. When the problem will be solved in its entirety is not known. Amazon is working under high pressure. (iw, derStandard.at, 06/30/2012)
  Amazon EC2

Damage no data  
Combined total of the damage No data  
What was damaged Access to the information  
How long did the failure several hours or days?  
Loss of information were destroyed (damaged, lost no data  
Losses were further? not known at this time