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The sabotage
The cybernetic sabotage
The classic sabotage
Sabotage or protective measure





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Cyber sabotage

An old classic business, or himself makes use of the cybernetic room with all his possibilities the most modern means the cyberspace that today

So one finds a following explanation at Wikipedia:

One describes the deliberate disturbance of an economic or military expiry as a sabotage for the attainment of a certain (often political) aim.

Or in the cybernetic meaning:

One describes this one as sabotage deliberately disturbance (perturbation function) of a process.

Damage to property is often the violent damage > and destruction of equipment, machines, infrastructure etc. meant, in the everyday useage (criminal) with sabotage, too. Sabotage also can meet productional processes, documentation and other processes fixed. People who operate sabotage are described as saboteurs.